Floral Wire | Paddle wire for Floral arrangements

  • Expertly calibrated for strength and flexibility, perfect for various floral projects.
  • Unique paddle design for easy manipulation, securing stems, and crafting intricate patterns.
  • Versatile wire suited for both seasoned florists and creative DIY projects.
  • Ensures a secure hold for stability, making it ideal for long-lasting floral arrangements.
  • Crafted from resilient materials for longevity in seasonal wreaths and enduring floral decor.
  • Unleash your artistic vision with a wire that invites exploration and experimentation.
  • Elevate your floral designs with a tool engineered for precision and elegance.
  • Premium wire manufectured to meet the exacting standards of discerning artists.


Introducing our beautifully crafted 22 Gauge Floral Paddle Wire, a versatile and essential tool designed to elevate your floral design projects to new heights. Carefully crafted with the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, this wire is specifically made for floral arrangements, wreath-making, and various home decor items. Whether you are a seasoned professional florist or an enthusiastic DIY artist, our floral wire is your key to achieving precision and elegance in every creation.

Our 22 Gauge Floral Paddle Wire has been expertly made with galvanized iron wire to offer the ideal combination of sturdiness and flexibility. This ensures that the wire provides ample support for delicate blooms while allowing for graceful shaping, facilitating the creation of intricate and visually captivating floral designs.

Perfect for Florists:

The unique paddle design of the wire is engineered for seamless handling, offering a flat and wide surface that simplifies the application process. This feature makes securing stems, attaching foliage, and crafting detailed patterns a breeze, enhancing efficiency and precision throughout your floral design journey.


From crafting elaborate bouquets to designing enchanting wreaths and embellishing home decor projects, our 22 Gauge Floral Paddle Wire is a versatile companion for many creative pursuits. Its adaptability empowers both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to bring their artistic visions to life with ease and finesse.


In floral design, reliability is paramount. Our floral wire ensures a secure hold, providing the stability necessary for your creations to withstand the test of time. Trust in the dependability of this wire to keep your floral arrangements intact, showcasing your designs with enduring beauty.


Crafted from Galvanized Iron wire, our floral wire is made for longevity. Whether you are creating wreaths for Thanksgiving or crafting floral decor, this wire stands the test of time, maintaining its structural integrity to ensure your creations remain vibrant and visually stunning.

Design with Confidence:

Unleash your creativity with confidence, knowing that our 22 Gauge Floral Paddle Wire offers endless possibilities in floral design. Its versatility and ease of use invite you to explore and experiment, turning your imaginative visions into exquisitely crafted, professionally finished floral masterpieces.

Enhance your floral crafting experience with the unwavering reliability, versatility, and precision of our 22 Gauge Floral Paddle Wire. Elevate your floral arrangements, wreaths, and home decor projects with the support of a premium tool crafted to meet the exacting standards of discerning artists. Transform your floral visions into reality with the perfect fusion of strength and finesse offered by our premium floral wire.

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