Floral Wire | Paddle wire for Floral arrangements

  • Expertly calibrated for strength and flexibility, perfect for various floral projects.
  • Unique paddle design for easy manipulation, securing stems, and crafting intricate patterns.
  • Versatile wire suited for both seasoned florists and creative DIY projects.
  • Ensures a secure hold for stability, making it ideal for long-lasting floral arrangements.
  • Crafted from resilient materials for longevity in seasonal wreaths and enduring floral decor.
  • Unleash your artistic vision with a wire that invites exploration and experimentation.
  • Elevate your floral designs with a tool engineered for precision and elegance.
  • Premium wire manufectured to meet the exacting standards of discerning artists.

Millinery Wire Cotton Covered | Cotton Covered Galvanized Iron Wire

  1. This cotton, cloth-covered floral wire is the finest millinery wire one can buy. 
  2. One bundle comes in different lengths. 
  3. The metal inside is galvanized and therefore will not rust! 
  4. The tightly wrapped cotton will not unravel either, even. 
  5. It comes in four colors white green, brown, and black.