Silk Covered Aluminum Craft Wire | Millinery Wire

Introducing our Silk-Covered Aluminum Craft Wire!    

  • This versatile wire is designed for crafting and millinery needs, featuring a sturdy Aluminum core that provides excellent strength and flexibility.    
  • The silk covering adds protection, refinement, and comfort. Available in different gauges and lengths, it's perfect for various craft applications, including jewelry making, floral arrangements, and electrical projects.    
  • A high-quality product that will elevate your craft projects to the next level. Start creating today!   
  • Available Gauges are 14ga, 16ga, 18ga, 20ga, and 22ga.    
  • We offer customizable packaging options that cater to your specific needs.    
  • Choose the gauge size, and color that suits your needs.    
  • Add your company's logo for a customized look. Bulk orders enjoy pricing discounts.    
  • Request a sample to test quality before making a larger order. Find your perfect packaging solution with us.